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About Us

With over 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the staffing industry, there is no other background screening company founded from experienced professionals native to this industry. Our experience in the PEO, MSP, VMS, and other staffing programs give us a clear view of what you need to grow your business. Every Evance Team member possesses real life experience from within the staffing industry and the only background screening company servicing the staffing industry, you can count on us to understand and relate to your unique hiring situation.

The relationship with our clients is one of mutual trust. We offer our clients the confidence of knowing that they are our priority and that we understand this industry inside and out. We have experienced and understand the complexities of PEO, MSP, VMS, and other staffing related vendor relationships. We understand that any delay in the background screening process amounts to lost revenue and therefore treat every background screening as urgent. Our commitment is the delivery of background screening results on-time, every time because we know that any delay, no matter how minor in starting a new hire, increases the chance of losing the deal. We are focused on getting your contingent worker working, on time, every time.

Dedication to Your Staffing Company

We take our commitment to the staffing industry very seriously. No matter the size of your company, our commitment is to superior customer service and on-time delivery. Whether you require same-day or next day services, we leverage our expertise in the staffing industry to deliver your background screening on-time, every time.

Promise of On-Time Every Time Delivery of Results

We understand and respect the complexity of the staffing industry because we come from within it. Whether you are working directly with your client or placing contingent workers through a VMS or MSP, getting the background screening completed is essential to growing your business. We give you and your business the attention required to get your contingent worker working. No more frustration waiting for results and losing the hire!

Evance is the only background screening company dedicated to the staffing industry.