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Our Solution

We have over 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the staffing industry. There is no other background screening company founded by experienced professionals from within the staffing industry. Our experience in the VMS, MSP, RPO, PEO and other staffing arrangements give us a clear view of what you need to grow your business. Every Evance Team member possesses real life experience from directly within the staffing industry.

Evance is the only background screening company dedicated to the staffing industry.

You can count on us to understand your unique hiring situation. Staffing companies face the challenge of placing the right contingent worker with extreme time constraints and strict hiring standards. Background screening is a necessity in every hiring situation and not receiving the results quickly can result in the loss of a new hire and by definition, the loss of money and time.

Our staffing specialists possess years of staffing experience and as a result are able to focus on providing you with advice and the proper recommendations to reply to your specific business need and effective background screening strategies. With over 15 years of staffing experience, we understand the complexity and demands of MSP, VMS, PEO and other staffing related vendor relationships.

With Evance:

  • Your Contingent Workforce is being Screened Accurately.
  • Our Technology to Perform the Screening is the best in the Industry.
  • Ensure Results are Compliant.
  • Know that we Understand the Staffing Industry.
  • Get Results Fast and On-time Every-time.
  • Superior Customer Service with Staffing Industry Experience.

Evance is the only background screening company dedicated to the staffing industry.